I’ve gotten very sick of Tumblr lately. Blogging has become a bit of a chore nowadays, and I’m a firm believer that you never have to do something that you don’t want to do. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, it’s just that I don’t particularly like doing it anymore.
It’s not that I’ve gotten sick of the royals, because that is never, ever going to happen! It’s just that life has gotten busier and Tumblr isn’t really fun anymore.
When I do post stuff, it’s not recognised. I’m starting to wonder why I waste my time.
I usually start to enjoy it again after a break, and I think with school starting again next week, amongst other things, that’s the best thing for me at the moment.
I always think this and come back like the next day, but I honestly don’t mind not logging on anymore. I’d say I’ll be back in a few weeks.
-Trish. ❤️x

Blog stuff.

My laptop battery has ceased to work, and has to be constantly plugged in. It constantly just cuts off when the laptop is moved, and it seems to be extremely savvy as it always does so when I’m in the middle of something, i.e answering a question or making a GIF. To make a long story short, I don’t have the patience, nor do I have the time for that to be happening.
Updates have become quite static on the blog because all I have to use is my dear old iPod. It just takes too long to update using it, between the shit battery and the annoying app, I just couldn’t be arsed.
I can’t afford to get my laptop fixed, and I certainly don’t expect anyone else to fund it.
So until I do manage to fix it, this blog is more than likely going to be a little bit slow. I can’t help it. Plus with school coming up and things, I find it hard to keep ye all up-to-date.
I’ll try to find the funds ASAP, but until then I’ll try my best. Sorry again. :(

it's so cool that you're in London!

Not anymore, unfortunately. I flew back home to the Emerald Isle on Friday evening.

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London purchases…

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Bye bye, London. 😢 #london #england #bigben #elizabethtower #palaceofwesminster #housesofparliament #westminster #sigh (at Big Ben)

Bye bye, London. 😢 #london #england #bigben #elizabethtower #palaceofwesminster #housesofparliament #westminster #sigh (at Big Ben)

Just left Westminster Abbey!

This café has free Wi-Fi, but no indoor seats to get away from the rain. :(

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The only photo I have on my iPod! Can’t access any others as I’m away, obviously. #RFTBT

The only photo I have on my iPod! Can’t access any others as I’m away, obviously. #RFTBT

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That yoke is actually huge. #london #england #trafalgar #square #trafalgarsquare  (at Trafalgar Square)

That yoke is actually huge. #london #england #trafalgar #square #trafalgarsquare (at Trafalgar Square)